Snowflakes — Disrupting America

The Snowflakes Need to be Melted

Tom Landquist Freedom of Speech, Society 6 Comments

There has been a lot of discussion the last decade about the lack of toughness in America, and its possible effects on our society. The examples used have ranged from obesity coupled with a lack of physical activity, to our language and what is considered ok in civil conversations. We have had battles about feelings vs. accountability when it comes …

Everyone... We Need to Chill — Disrupting America

Everyone… We Need to Chill

Tom Landquist Freedom of Speech, Our Values 0 Comments

The current state of affairs, when looked at through the prism of any of our Facebook newsfeeds, is pretty bleak. The election results were unexpected from both sides, and the fallout has been a serious backlash that we have been watching play out in the streets and online. The Washington Post recently reported on a Muslim Schoolteacher in Georgia who …