The Power of a Tweet — How Influence Has Changed and How Real Power is Used

Tom Landquist Donald Trump, Influence 2 Comments

Whether you are for or against Donald Trump, you can’t disagree he has powerful tweeting habits. The man can control the entire media with one tweet. In fact, each of the news agencies in the US have journalists who are dedicated to watching his twitter account. Journalists from CNN, for example, have pointed out they are trying to balance new …

Security and Values — Disrupting America

The Balance Between Safety and Values

Tom Landquist Donald Trump, National Security 8 Comments

Donald Trump said that he will seek to “suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur. All vetting of people coming into our country will be considered extreme vetting.” The war occuring in Syria is hellish. It is awful and it leaves a trail of refugees in its wake. There are concerns that have been echoed repeatedly about …

Climate Change and Donald Trump — Disrupting America

What Does a Donald Trump Presidency Mean for American Energy and the Environment?

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One of the achievements Barack Obama is (soon to be was) most pleased about from his presidency was the climate agreement reached in Paris. The fight against climate change has more closely resembled a couple of T-rex’s having a boxing match than a real attempt at solving a potentially (notice the word choice there… It’s objective) very serious and troubling …

Climate Change and Donald Trump — Disrupting America

America the Great, America the Unsettled, America The Disrupted

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It happened. The improbable, the impossible, the nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave. It actually happened. Americans are waking up in a bleary-eyed, confused stupor to a sense of reality that struck the UK after the Brexit vote. This will be a period in our history studied for decades by both scholars and SNL writers alike. (Side note… Kind of excited about …