The Power of a Tweet — How Influence Has Changed and How Real Power is Used

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Whether you are for or against Donald Trump, you can’t disagree he has powerful tweeting habits. The man can control the entire media with one tweet.

In fact, each of the news agencies in the US have journalists who are dedicated to watching his twitter account. Journalists from CNN, for example, have pointed out they are trying to balance new news with the fact they are forced to write on the topics President Elect Trump presents on his Twitter account every morning.

Side note… there’s an entire website dedicated to his Twitter activity: But I guess that is less surprising when you realize there is a website for pretty much anything on the web. 

What counts as an expert these days?

This is kind of a bash on society since this is how we decide things. But look at this:

Disrupting America — Klout Score of Donald Trump

According to social media AND society, Donald Trump is an expert in everything you would want a president to be an expert in. ObomaCare, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton… the list goes on and on.

But is he really expert in those things? Cause we have all seen how Donald plays the media, he is a real pro. So you can 100% have my vote he is the leading expert when it comes to CBS, Fox News, MSNBC and so on. But Is he really an expert on economics?

Let’s draw a baseline comparison. Here is where I am an expert in (PS… that’s not my real picture… I have a fake Twitter account it likes more than my Facebook profile pic):

Disrupting America — Klout Score of Nicholas Jones

I buy things on Amazon every day basically. So, I would say I am an expert. I read things about the Republican Party all the time… But I also read them for the Democratic Party too… I did just find out that Republicans as a whole don’t believe in climate change… Kind of took a hit to my ego there since I have long since held a lot of the Republican beliefs close to my heart. But ok, So I am an expert there… I own a few businesses, so I am obviously an expert in Entrepreneurship, right? I mean I teach it at Boise State University.

But do you really want me labeled as an expert in Amazon because I own a few shares of the company and because I have an addition to buying things on there?

What about Trump? Think about it objectively…. How does our society decide who is an expert in anything? And is this the correct way to do that?

I am apparently an expert in SunZu and I have never even heard of that. Plus, I can guarantee you I am not even close to an expert in Parenting. I just finished crying cause I couldn’t get my kid to eat a piece of chicken because it touched some sauce.

I am pretty sure Trump is just as surprised about what he is labeled an expert in as I am.

Examples of His Power on Social Media

But what you cannot do is argue with how powerful the man is when it comes to social media. Donald Trump is a freaking powerhouse.

Here is one example, one of a countless number of examples:

Lockheed Martin before Trump’s Tweet ?… Lockheed Martin litterally hours after Trump’s Tweet ???.

Lockheed Martin lost more than $4 billion today because of that Tweet. Now that is real power.

Check this… On December 11, 2016, Fox News and the Motley Fool said, and I quote:

As it steps into the 21st century, Lockheed is aiming to ensure its dominance of military aerospace with its newest product, the F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter.

The headline to that article itself said, “F-35 massive win for Lockheed Martin Stock.”

But then not even 24 hours later Donald Trump calls BS and the stock plummets. One word… Power. Lots of it.

Let that sink in for a moment… And while you are doing that, please make sure to share this with your friends on Facebook and all those new social media platforms you youngsters are using.

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  1. It seems to mean to me that these investors were counting their chickens before they hatch.

    The military complex is a massive complex, which has been given money indiscriminately.

    I think Trump is letting these folks know that there is no sure thing?

    As for the power of the Tweet, it can make a nobody, a somebody overnight.

    It is an amazing tool to bypass the media complex and create a daily following without their consent.

    It indeed, causes the media to take particular folks seriously, because they cannot muzzle their words anymore(to the public).

    Our world is changing fast, and it has the media in the rear view mirror.

    1. It remains to be seen how it will shape the country in these coming years, but one thing is certain, communications changed for good.

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