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What Makes the US Constitution So Great?

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That’s a good question.

The constitution is broad and can be amended as society grows, which can be painful at times when we don’t feel those changes are one that sit with our personal values.  This living growth of the US Constitution is one of the key elements to its power.

The US has been around for 241 years. That leaves us only about 1,259 years left to be the longest standing “empire” in history. But in all seriousness, it will happen because of the adaptability we have as a nation.

Take the Code of Hammurabi

282 laws written in stone by the sixth king of Babylon. That doesn’t leave much room for growth.

These laws we exact in every detail. It spelled out scaling punishments and it was the end. There was no adaptability and no forethought into the idea that the world would be any different then it was.

We all know the world is far different today than it was back in 1754 BC.

Due to its rigidity, the Code of Hammurabi didn’t last long. In fact, a brand new set of law was set up after his death. His code didn’t even last 100 years.

Think of Today

And compare today with 1776 when our nation was founded. Though our founders were well intentioned, they didn’t think to put protections in the constitution for women or blacks. All they included was a broad declaration that everyone was free to pursue liberty, life and the pursuit of happiness.

But as our society evolved, things needed to be added and they planned for that. They saw times would change and they were ready for that.

We do live in the greatest country on earth. As I am an American, you may see me  as biased if you are not, and that is ok. You see… I have freedom of speech. I can say what I want and share what I believe because that is another right I have.

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