The DNC Chickens — Disrupting America

The DNC’s Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

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Let’s get this straight. Chickens. That’s quite the hard term but all sides have them.

The campaign to elect Hillary Clinton was going relatively smooth, and at one point it seemed she may start to pull out of reach. Then it happened, the WikiLeaks email dump that seems to have tipped the race in a way most people had never anticipated. The data dumps continued throughout the remainder of the campaign, and they were the boost needed to stop the bleeding in a Trump election run full of controversy.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC),  as a whole, put the blame of this leak on the shoulders of the Russian hackers. They aren’t wrong about that, they did it. But they have to own the content of those emails, regardless of the source. They confirmed many of the suspicions people held concerning the political and media elites and worked to erode the trust of the general population.

Someone sent the emails and it wasn’t the Russians.

So What Exactly Was in the Emails?

It was a massive dump and the amount of data is seemingly unlimited, but we will be focusing on 3 individuals because they were affected by this more directly than others.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Shultz was initially running the DNC and retained that spot for the majority of the 2016 campaign election campaign. The wikileaks email dump revealed the inner workings of the DNC, with communications from Schultz and many other lower level staffers. The leak showed a united hostility against Bernie Sanders, the extremely popular challenger for the Democratic Party nomination. In some instances, this hostility even extended into the realm of collusion against him. They discussed attacking him for his religion and his campaigns organization. This slap in the face of their voting base deterred a lot of those who had been supporting Bernie Sanders, from throwing their support behind Hillary.

Trust count for the “normal” people in the elite leading them? -1

Donna Brazile

Brazile took over as head of the DNC after Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced out because of the controversy detailed above. She was also a commentator on CNN and was attempting to bring order to the mess left behind for her, but she didn’t manage to come out unscathed. She was outed for providing the likely debate questions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. This once again confirmed the voters suspicions that the DNC had their finger on the scale, and beyond that, it shook what little faith people still had in the integrity of the media.

Trust count for the “normal” people in the elite leading them? -2

Hillary Clinton

So much here to talk about… But the subject receiving the largest amount of scrutiny concern the “pay to play” arrangements that seem to be all but laid out for the world to see. In a memo from Doug Band, a long-time aid of Bill Clinton, he wrote:

“President Clinton’s business arrangements have yielded more than $30 million for him personally with $66 million to be paid out over the next nine years, should he choose to continue with the current engagements.”

Just one of many incriminating notes leading voter to question the Clinton Foundation.

This came late in the campaign run, and the impact truly can’t be overstated when you consider the margin of victory in the actual vote totals. Their rise from rags to riches was purely based on political power, everyone knew that. What they did not know, was how arrogantly the Clintons, particularly Bill, exploited it.

In Conclusion

The hack was committed by Russia and fed to wikileaks in an attempt to influence our election, and it worked. The DNC used this line to try and deflect blame for their actions, but the American people rightly refused to absolve them of blame. Regardless of how those emails were sourced, they were real, and if they were never written in the first place, none of this would have been a factor. In the end, the totality of wrongdoings brought to light was just too much for the voting base to accept. 

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  1. The DNC has only themselves to blame. They stacked the deck against any competition. I feel sorry for the Sanders supporters I saw in Monterey CA, out on the sidewalk….wasting their time shouting for folks to vote for him.

    It was rotten of the DNC to scuttle his ship, having such a large support group.

    Hopefully, they learn from this scandalous lesson, and give the voter what THEY want next time.

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