Climate Change and Donald Trump — Disrupting America

America the Great, America the Unsettled, America The Disrupted

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It happened. The improbable, the impossible, the nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave. It actually happened. Americans are waking up in a bleary-eyed, confused stupor to a sense of reality that struck the UK after the Brexit vote. This will be a period in our history studied for decades by both scholars and SNL writers alike. (Side note… Kind of excited about what’s going to come from SNL) To me, it’s not that shocking, and it’s not much of a mystery what happened here.

Then Why Did It Happen?

That’s the question people are asking.

The first reason this happened is a vast chasm of cultural differences between the typical city dweller vs. those in rural areas.

Between the way they dress, eat, interact with others and just live their day to day lives, these societal groups have virtually nothing in common.

If you live in the city, have you ever had to shoot a gun to defend your livestock from a predator trying to snatch an easy meal? Have you given consideration to other religious value systems but mocked the values of the “simple minded” residents in the country for theirs? Have you considered that everything on television and entertainment from Family Guy to Taylor Swift is designed with you in mind, excluding the lifestyles that half the country lives?

Come on, Farmer Joe doesn’t care about fair trade vegan soy latte availability. He cares about selling his crop however he can, and he stays up late gripped with fear because “not even the government is there to support him.” These gaps in understanding explain how, we as a society, are caught with our collective pants down in gym class and Trump is the one standing behind us snickering.

Second is a tendency towards nihilism and chaos that has destroyed the political norms which framed our democracy. We want changes, we want drastic changes, and we don’t seem to care what those changes even are at this point.

Trump is going to make changes, and on top of that he is new, shiny and unpredictable. He’s not politically correct in the least. Everything he says is full of rhetoric and clearness. There is nothing political about anything he says or does because he doesn’t care.

Is This the Solution We Need?

A fresh wake-up call for America. After spending some time overseas serving my country, the best analogy that comes to mind is this; electing Donald Trump is like getting into a gunfight. It’s exciting because it’s unpredictable, and it’s going to leave the world permanently changed in some way. But then you remember that you might die.

Sometimes excitement for the sake of it, and change for the sake of it can be a dangerous thing. This wouldn’t have happened if our politicians didn’t act like indifferent DMV employees who tell their citizens to grab a number and wait in line while ignoring genuine grievances.

The Democratic National Committee has to shoulder their share of the blame here also. This wasn’t just a revolt against the establishment, it was a revolt against Hillary and her checkered past. The party itself put it’s fat fingers in the scale, told their constituents they were receiving what they ordered and then lashed out when the Russian deli down the street let us know what they were up to.

America could have been given the debate of our lifetimes between Trump, the embodiment of American excess, and Bernie, a college kid’s Che Guevara t-shirt personified. (Don’t know what that is? Ask your college age kid… Or Google.) This year could have been an honest referendum on what’s been failing in this country, given to us from two vastly different and unique perspectives. Instead, we had a campaign full of emails and pussy grabbing.

This one falls squarely on our shoulders for all the years of indifference to those with legitimate grievances. I don’t know what the next four years are going to hold, but whatever the results, the people have spoken so let’s make the best of it.

That’s why we are here. We are not the ones disrupting America yet. That’s already happened. But we are going to keep you informed.

Please share with your friends and help build a community of people ready to follow and promote one of the greatest documents ever to come upon earth. The document where We The People took a stand.

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  1. Good article. Good read. Everyone always seems ready to proclaim “Hell in a hand basket”. But maybe in this time of change. We need to ask “what do I want from my federal government?” Is any dollar given to the federal government better spent at your local city hall?

    Run, run, run for office; no reason why we need to continue to tap the baby boom generation to solve modern problems. (Trump, Hillary and even Bernie) Seriously we are surprised someone’s grandmother doesn’t know how to use email. Quoting the commercial “That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this stuff works”

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