Founding Fathers and Independence Day — Disrupting America

See You After the Election! May the Odds Be Ever in OUR Favor

Tom Landquist About Disrupting America 0 Comments

We’ve made a decision. Not a popular one among ourselves, but the best one for what we want to accomplish.

After extended deliberation, we decided to refrain from commenting about politics, including publishing any posts, until after this current election cycle has concluded. ?

The emotional nature of this year’s election can’t be overstated. It’s going to be intense guys. Things are not going to be pretty on either side. This is the most partisan and turbulent time we have personally ever seen in America.

Due to this fact, we have realized that any attempt made at commentary will very likely be seen as an attempt to sway opinions before the election, and that is not our intention.

We made this decision for the good of our long-term mission, and our commitment to the values we seek to uphold. To shift the political environment toward productive discussion and collaboration at all levels, people and government.

We did not want to be accused of supporting either side, thereby losing your trust before we even had a chance to earn it in the first place.

We look forward to providing a platform for people to discuss the results of the election, and the policy changes that will come with new leadership. But that time is not now. Patience will pay off for us all. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to starting a dialogue with you in the near future.

For now, sign up for the list to your right and get others to do so as well. You will be the first to know when we post again right after the election.

Oh, by the way, happy Independence Day!

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