Our Plan of Action and the Intended Results We Want to Bring About

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We have chosen to focus on two primaries mediums for delivering a spark to our conversations and explaining complex issues.

Written Content

This will be content such as articles explaining a policy or issue in a purely informational matter, as well as articles that will discuss a more in-depth and factually based viewpoint of these subjects.

Most articles will be informational in style and be aimed at giving the reader a quickly digestible source of news, with the intention of keeping them informed. These articles will have no opinions and will be strictly designed to provide the facts needed to understand the subject at hand.

Some will be the factually based “opinion” pieces. These will be non-partisan and extremely analytical in nature. These will be the most important medium for starting conversations, but due to the hyper-partisan environment and natural bias we all inherently have, this will be the most difficult to keep in line with our mission.

In order to maintain our mission and our integrity, we will abide by the values we have defined. We will maintain constant open communication with all of you and we expect that you will hold us accountable for the standards we have committed to maintaining. Each article will attempt to explain the logic behind different perspectives on controversial issues.

Lastly, we will include articles that outline what it means to us all, to the “We the People.” These articles will breaks down something into extremely simple terms and are more in-depth than informational pieces. This includes current events, legislating, etc. We promise this will be a laid back explanation and all sources will be cited so you can check on us.

Video Content and Podcast

We will be using videos (well in the video parts… Podcasts make that part hard) as a medium for creating a more personal conversation between you and Disrupting America. These videos will primarily be used to explain the most complicated issues and will use visual aids to make them easier to understand. We will maintain the same standards for our videos and podcasts as we do for the rest of our material.

What Do We Hope to Achieve?

Our end goal is to see people trust each other and have civil conversations once again. This 2016 election cycle coming up has caused many of us to lose faith in the direction this country is going. It’s not going to go away anytime soon.

By creating an open dialogue, and focusing on the different perspectives of each issue, we hope to bring back trust that all of us want the best for America, we just have different ideas on how to improve. If we can help people accept that simple truth and they start speaking to each other with respect once again, we will have achieved our goals.

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P.S. — The duck… It has nothing to do with anything. It’s just a great pic that needs to be shared.

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