Our Mission and Purpose Is More Than Disrupting American and Making You Unsettled — Disrupting America

Our Mission and Purpose Is More Than Disrupting America and Making You Unsettled

Tom Landquist About Disrupting America 2 Comments

Let’s get straight to the point.

Our mission isn’t to favor any party. It’s to inform and help shift the political environment towards productive discussion and collaboration.

We spent a large portion this 2016 election cycle with the same feelings you have. Anger, anxiousness, confusion, distrust of people who didn’t understand what seemed oh so obvious to us, etc. We were all so sure that we understood exactly what was wrong with America, and what needed to be done.

But things just are not going to end up that way. Be ready.

The most obvious example of this has been social media. As a people, we tend to subscribe to news sources espousing biased positions, that often aren’t even making an attempt at honesty, but we listen anyways because it feels good to feel validated. To feel those who disagree with us are unintelligent, or even worse, downright malicious.

Sadly, I’m sure it feels good on some level to say so too. But that is not who we are looking to be.

This feeling, and countless others, has crept up on all of us if we are being honest with ourselves. I’ve personally  had to stop myself and ask “do I really believe half the country is dark-hearted or ignorant?” No. They are not.

What’s become clear to me is that I was wrong in my close-minded assumptions. And as this presidential campaign continues to get more and more partisan and distasteful I now realize this is an unsustainable trend that all too easily breeds dishonesty. We have to act now in order change the way people approach politics, and if we do, positive results will follow.

With this in mind, Disrupting America will be dedicating its collective efforts towards bringing people together and helping them understand each other and all the political positions once again. Partisan bickering and self-induced echo chambers are the things we hope to change. Americans can disagree on an issue while still understanding the logic of the opposition, and still retaining empathy for their concerns.

Together we will start a conversation and with hard work and a collective effort we can start a movement. A movement towards a united America. A movement towards reasonable and civil conversations. A movement towards identifying issues we all share and finding ways to compromise and create a balanced solution.

Come join the conversation, let’s create a better America for those that will come after us. Please subscribe to our mailing list. It’s over there on the right side. Come on, you can do it.

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